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The New York State Association of Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislators
53rd Annual Legislative Conference

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Empowering Futures:
A Collaborative Initiative for Education and Hope

A surprising synergy occurred in February 2024 when NTLB Consulting Services, The Ujima Coalition, and Lyons Gold Standard Multimedia (LGM) joined together on an effort that opened pathways of hope and enlightenment at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. This partnership—a shining example of technology innovation and altruism—aimed to strengthen the educational safety net for young people who were at-risk by including Black History Month into the curriculum. LGM, a champion of technology-based services, combined with NTLB's dedication to improving educational outcomes and The Ujima Coalition's charitable passion for supporting impoverished communities to create an experience that went beyond simple academic instruction.

By delving into the lives of significant historical figures of color, the students expanded their knowledge and comprehension. The students received food and clothing as well as other essentials on their educational journey, which ensured their whole development. The students' presentations, which showcased their research and learning, served as the project's capstone. The Ujima Coalition's founder, Saladin Buckhalter, was present at these talks, underscoring the group's dedication to empowering and encouraging young people. LGM's commitment to these kinds of game-changing initiatives is indicative of their larger goal of using technology to advance society and create a web of empowerment, education, and opportunity for tomorrow's leaders.